Beautiful Quiet CD
(Translated from Spanish), Reviews New Age

An album that shines! The second work of pianist Amy Lauren devoted to lullabies is titled Beautiful Quiet and like their previous CD Close Your Eyes, the atmosphere surrounding it is childish and affectionate, showing delicacy and sensitivity in each of the fifteen compositions comprising it. Amy invites us to depart from the real world for as long as necessary, to forget the cares and problems and focus on rest, Beautiful Quiet is the best tool to achieve this.

My favorite piece opens the album, "Enchanted Dreams". Notes on a larger scale than do the prelude to the piece, a lovely composition whose life takes on the heights of the piano and where the music is presented poignant and full of light. I like!

With the same tenderness that the previous track, "Starfall" appears carefully. Lauren plays the melody that is bright and tender, as if her fingers delicately sprouting countless stars. Beautiful composition.

"Around the Moon" is one of those works that have a melody that ends up being familiar with several listeners. Amy has managed to create an interesting music with "Around the Moon" where single notes resonate in the mind to delight the listener. Another of my legacy peripheral!

With "Circle of Steps", the pianist shows uncertainty in the beginning to end with joy and emotion, a complicated mix of feelings that Lauren has been able to play. Exciting!

One of the topics that will keep the listener captivated until the end is "The Lost Lullaby", a piece where a slight nostalgia and loneliness come together to create a piece especially intimate and masterful. Another Big Beautiful Quiet. This composition is fantastic.

The cheerful "Precious Journey", one of the most beautiful Beautiful Quiet. Your music surrounds the listener with a warm blanket of notes conveys optimism and peace. Gorgeous!

"Sapphire Song" has a dark touch. Lauren gives great importance to the breaks are essential in this piece, giving you a powerful feeling and melancholy melody.

"There is a Place" is a beauty. Notes that tell a unique and magical spring from the hands of Amy. Another lovely piece radiant life that just needs a voice of sense of melody.

Soft and gentle is "Night Again". Again, Amy is based on the higher notes of the piano to play a simple piece of unique and intimate that helps the rest. Absolute tranquility!

"Softly Silently" has a delicate strength. The melody travels between notes from the top echelons to convincing the lower chords in the piano singing a sexy music. I like it.

"Beautiful Quiet" is the longest composition on the CD, besides being the name given to this. The beginning is confusing, a melody that is repeated ad nauseum is becoming exciting, but always, without leaving the keyboard area where it started.

"Evening's Grace" is the shortest piece of Beautiful Quiet, besides being the most repetitive of all, in fact, though soft, is tired, always wielding the same chords.

For the first time, Amy gives prominence to the lowest notes of the piano. "Sweetest Blessings" is a gem, a work whose soulful and seductive melody from the first seconds. Lovely, deep!

Another linear compositions in terms of melody is "Keep This Prayer", which are continuous accompaniment chords for the melody, which rises in the high notes. In contrast, creates a perfect harmony between arpeggio chords and melody of the right hand.

The end is for the enjoyment of our own dreams and to do so by showing "Slumber Dance", a piece that puts music to the deepest dreams. Passionate and delicate at once, this is another of the highlights of Beautiful Quiet. I love it.

Taking advantage of the brightness and warmth offered by the top echelons of the piano, the artist plays Amy Lauren fifteen loving and intimate compositions that enjoy their own light. Beautiful Quiet is one of those albums that is highly recommended to childs for rest, thanks to delicate and truly beautiful music that end is reached and really works. Beautiful Quiet is a commendable job and a recommended album!

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