August CD
(Translation from Spanish), Reviews New Age

The composer and pianist Amy Lauren has released her fourth album under the title, August. Twelve warm and
intimate piano solos, as noted by the pianist in the notes of the CD: "After recording this album was hard to find
words to describe what it means to me," that suggests that the creations of this work are mere compositions for
piano, are the feelings and deepest thoughts of the artist, showing the world hidden beneath chords and notes.
Rooms full of passion with melodies that permeate drawn heavily on the listener.

With a romantic "I'll Follow You" opens the CD. A piece that could listen over and over again without tiring, one of
my favorites. A deep emotion lends its melody to be heard, so true, so sensitive, so beautiful ... A set of notes that
show the feelings that are visible only when one loves. I like it!

In "Travel This River" two opposite feelings melodies are linked, giving rise to an intense and melancholy piece.
Beginning with a brief suspicious, the question becomes mysterious, where the left hand arpeggio playing a dark
and skillful composition shows a more positive and cheerful.

"Fireflies" is delightful, carefree. A swing of notes and chords create one of the liveliest compositions throughout the
album. The sleight of hand that makes Amy is a delight, energetic and above all, brilliant.

"The Distance" has a clear sense of grief and rage. With one of the most beautiful melodies and passionate, "The Distance" reveals the heartbreaking helplessness that afflicts the soul in moments of farewell. Amy has managed to immortalize this moment in this piece. Another of my favorites!

Loving and tender is "Fly Away." Full of emotion, melody is an open door to escape, leaving aside the adversity, we must live. With a slow flowing, the melody know the exact moment where the listener to fly and where calm is a true delight. Another work of art!

With a touch low notes continued, as if the sound of a train they were, "Road to Allay" is a descriptive piece. Beautiful scenarios arise in passing, delighting the eyes with each new image. The melody that plays the right hand is slender and delicate, marked by the rhythm of repeated sound that draws the left hand.

"The Rain Came Down" is a composition so sweet and very beautiful. One piece with a touch nostalgic, played with great passion. Amy invites us to dream, to fly free with a powerful and exciting melody. Another of my favorites!. What a beauty!

"Serene Sunset" inspires peace and tranquility. A relaxed and slightly melancholy theme, perfect for relieving all the tension accumulated during the day. The piece has a perfect tune with the complexity to find a time for reflection or rest.

"August" is the title track to the album. A composition that appears to be concerned about nature, reflective. This theme has a soft melody, intimate, that disturbs the listener. Deep feeling!

"Keeper of Light" is hopeful and very beautiful. It keeps the listener waiting with his poignant melody and a spectacular peak, full of strength. Amy has hit the mark with the composition, a music that plays over and over again in the mind. Again, another of my favorites!

Dulce "Resolution." A theme that shows the hope that everything is possible, everything goes, including what was believed impossible. With a sensitivity and a surprising tenderness artist sheds light and courage in times of darkness and discouragement. Other topics that do
not pass indifferent. What a beauty!

What better way to this work that "Summer's End", showing optimism and calm the last days of summer. A quiet and reflective composition perfect rethink the past and enjoyed days. I love it.

As usual in the work of the pianist Amy Lauren, elegance and passion are present in each composition and August is no exception, twelve works that are pure delight for the ears. Profoundly beautiful and catchy melodies that seduce the listener and clearly show the emotions and thoughts of the artist. August is very recommended!

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