New sheet music... and more sheet music!!!

You asked for it - and now it's here - sheet music for "The Rain Came Down" from the August CD!  Just follow this link to buy it.  We do have plans to release ALL of the songs on the August CD over time, so keep checking back for that.  And now for some MORE fabulous news on the sheet music front...

The ENTIRE On Water CD will be available in sheet music form coming in September!  I'm particularly happy about this one because well, this CD just looks really cool in sheet music form!  I've had it transcribed and now I just need to proof and finalize it, which should take me about 3-4 weeks.  Until then, we're having a Pre-Release Sale on the songbook (emailed - PDF format only) for just $19.95 - when it's released in September it will be the normal price of $24.95 for the entire collection. To take advantage of that really awesome price... click here!  If you buy it now, you'll be FIRST on the list to receive it by email in September.


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