About the On Water CD...

So occasionally, or not so occasionally, there will be misinformation written... and I feel the need to set this one straight.  There is a new review out on my new CD, Sulla Riva.  In it, it is stated that my On Water CD is about the "journey through the loss of my beloved dog".  That is incorrect.  As stated on this website and in my liner notes the On Water CD music is about the North Shore of Lake Superior, nothing more, nothing less.   In this world of social media and the ease of stating opinions, the…Read more

"On Water" is now on Pandora!

I'm happy to share that the On Water CD is FINALLY on Pandora!   Many, many thanks to everyone who took the time to email Pandora and request it, it is very much appreciated!  


So I've been writing...

I know everyone has been wondering when new music will be out, so here is the update.  Sometimes it's difficult to find new inspiration for the next collection of songs.  After my last CD, On Water, it was even more difficult to find the new path because it was such a deep, soulful journey creating that CD.  There were quite a few underlying stories involved in that music and it never felt right just ending it there...  so it will continue on.  The beautiful rich sound, the eloquent interpretation and…Read more

Amy's Music on New Compilation CD...

We're thrilled to share that Amy's "Midnight Snow" track off of her Winter and Christmas album has been included on "Music That Matters", a compilation album with other artists for the non-profit organization, LoveLight, which helps children in South Africa.   Amy has had her music used on many other compilation albums in the past, but none with so much meaning and purpose.  It's truly an honor to be included in such a special project with so many wonderful artists, and to be able to give back.   Below is… Read more

On Water CD Released in Asia

Jingo Records in Taiwan has released my On Water CD in Asia.  If you are in that part of the world be sure and look for it!!


Beautiful Quiet Sheet Music...

 Sheet music for the ENTIRE Beautiful Quiet CD is on the way!  We have received so many requests for this one, and have  decided to release the entire album of sheet music for you.  I expect to have  it ready by the end of February, beginning of March.  

 We're doing a pre-sale of the songbook for just $16.95!!  The price will go  up to the  regular $19.95 when it is released.  If you purchase the songbook now, you'll be the first to receive a download link  for it when it's released.  Click on the songbook…Read more

On Water in Top 100 of 2013...

We're very excited to share that On Water is Number 41 on Zone Music Reporter's Top 100  Airplay Chart for 2013.  This is out of over 2,300 albums submitted for radio airplay in 2013.  It was on the charts a total of seven months, including five months in the Top 25, so it had some longevity.  Thanks all of you (again!) for making that album the success it's become!!  Click here to see the whole list of albums.

Read more

"August" and "Beautiful Quiet" are now on Pandora!

We're thrilled to share that my August and Beautiful Quiet CDs are now on Pandora!  Very happy that they decided to add them, and we're pretty sure it was because of all of your requests for it - so THANK YOU!!  Winter and Christmas is also on Pandora, but having my non-holiday music on there is important because it's year-round.  So, go create an Amy Lauren channel at and listen away!  We'll be submitting the On Water CD in a couple weeks after the holidays and we'll…Read more

Sheet Music now Instant Downloads...

We just went through a HUGE update on our site, and now we're thrilled to share that all sheet music is now available as instant downloads. Before we had to email everyone sheet music when they bought it, this now makes everything a whole lot easier for everyone involved. Mostly it's great for all of YOU, because now you don't have to wait for it.   Upon purchase you are provided with a link to download it, and that's it!

As always, we hope you enjoy learning and playing the music!

On Water in Top 10 on Music Choice...

On Water was ranked Number 7 on Music Choice Soundscapes in July!!   The On Water CD continues to do well on the charts and on Music Choice... thanks so much to all the listeners out there who are making that possible.  It is much appreciated!!
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